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Hunnect – over a decade of experience in language services

Hunnect has been operating in the language services market since 2003 and has maintained its position as the third largest Hungarian language service provider (LSP) in Hungary for the fifth year in a row with an annual throughput of nearly 24 million words. We are a company with several departments, hundreds of subcontractors, offering more than 70 target languages and a full range of language services including: the translation, editing and proofreading ("TEP") of practically any text of any size and nature, post-editing machine translation, interpreting, creative writing and marketing adaptation (transcreation), linguistic quality assessment of translations prepared by third parties, DTP services performed independently or as part of the translation process, and the production of e-learning courses in a part or in full (from the writing or translation of courses to the creation of the final version with voice-over and subtitles).


Knowledge-driven industry

Our e-learning hub, called HunnectAcademy®, helps with a variety of training solutions for participants in the language services industry. It also serves as a learning center for our internal team and external vendors. Furthermore, our team is integrated into the university-level translator training programs at several Hungarian universities, providing general knowledge of the industry as well as translation training in specialized fields. Our close collaboration with the University of Szeged has helped dozens of students find their way in the world of translation, while it also helped us in training and hiring the best interns and colleagues. We strongly believe translation is a knowledge-based industry and should remain the flagship of technical, informational and linguistic development through academic relations.


Client-focused solutions

Our primary goal has been to provide top-quality language solutions in the continuously growing and increasingly competitive language services market, and to do so time-efficiently, with a constant focus on client needs and requirements. Based on mutual trust, the fulfilment of requirements completely and immediately is the foundation of our business relationship with our clients. The high level of performance and quality work of our full-time colleagues and all of our vendors is guaranteed and marked by our professional approach, quality assurance system (ISO 9001), state-of-the-art IT background and continuous training.


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