Quality Assurance

Language quality assurance is essential in the different stages of translation and localization projects. While is it a fundamental part of all our internal translation and localization processes, we also offer third party QA services to our clients when there is need for professional and unbiased evaluation of the translation quality of other suppliers.

Our company provides the following language quality control steps for our clients:

LQA (linguistic quality assessment) of both our own and third-party materials: an insightful assessment by an independent linguist at any stage of the translation process, based on an extracted sample of the translation that is being carried out. During this step, in addition to the accuracy of the translation, the language and grammatical correctness, the use of correct terminology and various other factors are also examined.

LSO (linguistic sign-off): the final linguistic assessment is carried out at the end of the localization project once the localized environment (software, website, e-learning material) has been created.

Full Quality Check: Final proofing and correcting of translated/edited material prepared by other resources/companies. 

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