Quality Control

Our company, since its founding in 2003, has been delivering quality translations to over 250 clients in almost 30 fields, with an annual average of 20 million source words. Based on our commitment to quality, our approach is centered on the simultaneous and consistent use of the following four components: 

  1. The appropriate language team (translator, proofreader, quality controller, terminologist) 
  2. Highly qualified and trained, responsive, precise project management team 
  3. Appropriate infrastructure and IT environment with monitored processes 
  4. Strict quality control and effective quality assurance

The selection criteria for translators and proofreaders include translation qualifications, professional experience, adequate software knowledge, at least three years of translation experience and a successful test translation and orthography test. Effective project management is assured by competent and client-oriented project managers supported by a modern, collaborative project management system, enabling the live monitoring of each project at any stage to ensure delivery on time. We continuously extend and develop the subject areas covered and our translator network, and with the help of our highly qualified and competent team, we strive to meet the requirements of our clients. Our quality management system is continuously reviewed and improved. Our business policy is simple: satisfied clients appreciating high quality, accuracy and on-time delivery provide the best reference. The following principles form the basis of our business operations:

Risk management: we operate the process of our services based on the regular assessment of possible risks and a related preventive approach.

Efficiency: we achieve our goals by means of utilizing our resources in the most ideal way.

Flexibility: we maximize our problem-solving capabilities by means of continuous control and by exploring the best capabilities of our human resources. We make every effort to satisfy our clients’ needs as quickly and flexibly as possible: instead of focusing our presuppositions, we align the project workflow to the special requirements.

Consistency: we organize our work based on strict quality principles and processes.

High quality: we guarantee the permanent high quality of our output using strict quality assurance procedures.

Teamwork: in order to deliver timely, it is imperative to perform effective teamwork. We are using the latest online sharing and collaborating technologies with every person involved in a project.

Professional principle: our company – a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) – adopts and applies the Association’s Code of Conduct.

Subcontractors: we work with highly qualified and experienced translators and proofreaders, each of whom know and accept our principles. Our expectations are clearly defined for them, and we consistently monitor their work, giving feedback on the quality they provide.

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